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Our website is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) so it can be viewed on a range of different screen sizes and mobile devices.

An access toolbar features a screen reader and provides visitors with the opportunity to change the font size, format and contrast.

Our contact details and full address, along with a map showing our location are available.

Getting to our Premises

There is clear, easy to read signage to our premises. This comprises a listing on the main industrial estate noticeboard and large signage on our building.

The area outside our premises entrance is well-maintained and free from obstructions, including free-standing signage.



We have four accessible parking bays just outside the main entrance to our building. There are additional parking spaces to the side of the building. These are clearly marked for the use of disAbility Cornwall and can be used by staff and visitors alike.

Entering our Premises

There is level access from all our parking bays to the building’s main entrance. Although there is a level change into the building, but with a permanently fixed, wide, solid and low level ramp.

There are two glazed doors to our main entrance, easily distinguished from our main building. They are easy to identify, light weight, with good signage defining one as a pull door and one as push door. The easy action lever handles are appropriately located to ensure accessibility for all customers, with glass panels at the lower level. Contrasting markings are on both doors to prevent customers walking into them.

Within the premises

The foyer area is spacious, with plenty of room to manoeuvre around. A doorbell is situated opposite the entrance doors and across the foyer, with a clear notice above to alert visitors to it.

We have good signage throughout our building and each sign is clear and straightforward to read and uses a large font which contrasts well against the background and also includes some symbols / pictures.

The flooring throughout our premises is level with hard-wearing carpet used throughout, which contrasts against the wall surfaces. The kitchen area and toilets are fitted with linoleum for hygiene reasons.

Internal doors within the public area of our building have a width greater than 750mm.

Our premises make the most of natural light, although as it is limited, artificial lighting is used throughout. Signs, routes and entrances / exits are well-lit and can easily be seen and navigated.

The kitchen area features both a standard height and low level counter and the cloakroom has both standard and low level pegs.

We have a sign in the entrance foyer to indicate a portable hearing induction loop is available and another is permanently fitted in our training room. These are both regularly tested and staff are trained in understanding the need to speak clearly, offer information in alternative formats and turn music down when necessary or as requested.

We have a range of seating available in our premises. We can move furniture to accommodate different people’s needs and have a range of chairs available, at varying heights, with and without armrests. Tables are at a height which provide suitable clearance for wheelchair users to sit up to them and can be spaced out from one another to allow room for circulation.

The temperature in each room can be individually controlled but is usually maintained at 21°C.

Assistance dogs are very welcome in our building and a water bowl is provided. Our staff are more than happy to give your dog a short walk if you are staying with us for a while.

Toilet facilities

The route to the two toilet facilities we have is clear and easy to navigate, with good signage.

We have two fully accessible, Doc M toilets, both of which have an outward-opening door, a lock that is easy to use and sufficient circulation space between the toilet and the door.

One toilet features an AdiAccess RoomMate, which gives an audio description of the toilet area. One toilet provides the opportunity for left to right transfer, while the other offers right to left transfer.

There is low level shelving in both toilets.

Taps are easy to use and require minimal dexterity. Both toilets are also fitted with low level urinals and have a sanitary bin alongside the toilet pan. Each toilet is fitted with a red emergency pull cord, which reaches the floor and sounds an alarm when activated, and our staff are trained to respond.

Emergencies including fire safety and evacuation

We have a fully equipped first aid kit, which is stored alongside a sign displaying the names of the trained staff.

We have a fire risk assessment and process which includes:

  • Assessing risks to disabled people, whether staff or visitors, while on our premises
  • Evacuating disabled people from the building
  • Regularly checking fire exit signage, evacuation routes, alarm system and drill
  • Training our staff team so they are prepared in the event of the fire alarm sounding, in terms of their roles and responsibilities.

We also give all staff the opportunity to create a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, detailing specific ways in which we can support their evacuation from the premises in the event of the fire alarm sounding.

Our premises feature fire exit signage which highlight the step-free access routes.

Where to Find Us

Units 1G/H Guildford Road Industrial Estate
Guildford Road
TR27 4QZ


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